Golden Parmesan Swiss Chicken

Sit down to this easy and delicious chicken dinner. It only requires a few minutes of prep.  The nice thing about this recipe is thatyou can make it for 2 or 20.  I used 2 boneless breasts and cut them in halfbecause they were large. It also makes servingeasier. Flatten them to a bout 1/2″ if they arethick. […]

Roast Chicken with Tarragon Cream Sauce

Just when you thought that roast chickencouldn’t get any more delicious, I give you ~ Roast Chicken with a Tarragon Cream Sauce. Yes! Everything gets even more yummy whenyou add cream. Such a simple thing. OK, I may be overselling this one because the man in my house loves roast chicken. We’re sauce  people too and this one makes […]

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