The Best Hot Chocolate!

 Think Johnny Depp in Chocolat.  This is real Columbian hot chocolate made    the traditional way in an aluminum pitcher,called a chocolatera, with real Columbian Corona chocolate. It’s made on the stove top using a very  special wooden whisk.   A molinillo  is a traditional turned wooden whisk  used in Columbia and Mexico in the preparation  of hot beverages. The molinillo is […]

Plum Skillet Cake

It’s time for a little coffeecake.  I love using my cast iron skillet for everything. Baking in it just seems so rustic country cozy. I’ve make a great chocolate skillet cake and of course it’s perfect for corn bread. This plum cake is just right for a little Sunday afternoon kaffee und kuchen time.  Add flour […]

Blueberry Croissant Puff

Croissants, cream cheese, and blueberries  are a good combo on their own. So good when combined to make this rich bread-pudding-  oven-french-toast-like breakfast bake.  I like that I can make it the night before. Then whoever is up first in the morning can take it out of the fridge and the just pop it into the oven for […]

Cheesy Beef Noodle Bake

This is a comfort-food casserole that’s across between baked spaghetti and lasagna,  only much easier. A good family night recipe  when you don’t want to do a lot of prep.  If you don’t have green onions or have picky “what’s the green stuff?” eaters, just leave them out.  Serve with a salad and crusty bread.  Cheesy Beef Noodle […]

Ritz-Topped Swiss Chicken

Since this recipe doesn’t use canned cream-of something soup, I can easily just make 2  breasts and cut all the ingredients in half. Swiss cheese, sour cream, a little chicken brothand crushed Ritz crackers make this a tasty,no-fuss, oven ready dinner for busy nights.  I usually have all these ingredients in the house, so It’s a nice back-up anytime […]

Rita’s Stuffed Peppers

The farmers market had peppers which  naturally made me think about this recipe.   I’ve had it for years. You can also use red, yellow and orange peppers.  Cut the peppers in half lengthwise and remove  the seeds and membranes.   Chop the onion and garlic.  Start browning the beef. I like to put it in a  hot pan […]

Tomato Basil Chicken

This easy recipe is done in 20 minutes and uses  fresh garden ingredients that I usually havein the house. So it’s just – defrost 2 chickenbreasts and the “what’s for dinner?”  question is answered. I use my large blackcast iron skillet for this., which I love.  It browns the chicken nicely and I can cut  the chicken  right in […]

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