Gooey Texas Sheet Cake with Caramel

Day 122 I found a fairly incredible recipe for a soft-centered Texas sheet cake, prepared in mini cast iron skillets on the blog/website of The Cookie Rookie. You can read and see the original below. What a brilliant idea! In fact, I suspect I’ll be visiting this site frequently for good recipes, from now on.  Since I don’t have mini […]

TBT—Throw Back to Thanksgiving, 2015!

Day 121 Pumpkin Pie & Tres Leches Cake This entry took forever to add here. I’m not sure why, since the pictures have been ready for a couple of months. At any rate, that’s why I had to do a “TBT” entry (but instead of Thursday, it’s cleverly Thanksgiving…Okay, okay, not so clever).  Anyway, every Thanksgiving, my husband’s family comes […]

Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Pie Bars

Day 120 This is what I came home to this afternoon. No, really. I walked through the door, feeling tired and even a little grumpy, but the aroma of cooked sugar and butter overwhelmed me. My daughter, Tate, was baking, and she had found a new recipe that she wanted to tweak. The original was for a chocolate chip pizza, […]