Chocolate Cloud Cake

No flour and No butter, just 4 ingredients. Delicate and delectable. Melt chocolate in a bowl, then whisk in the  sugar and egg yolks until well combined.  In another bowl, beat egg whites to soft peaks.  Whisk  1/3 of the egg whites into the chocolate.  Fold in the remaining egg whites gently with a  rubber […]

Easy Apple Tart

This is one of the easiest and prettiest apple desserts in my repertoire. You can make this anytime.  It’s nice to have a  home-baked treat if you have unexpected  visitors in the afternoon.  It’s takes  only a few ingredients and 5 minutes to make  I cheat and use Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets. One pastry sheet, two apples, and  brown sugar.  […]

Chicken Vol-au-Vent

This is a favorite dinner party recipefrom many years ago. It takes a little more time, but you canmake it ahead of time.  I use Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Shells. Saute seasoned chicken thighs in butter.Set aside to cool and remove the bone and skin. I don’t know why this picture keep loading up-sidedown, but […]

Chocolate Lava Microwave Mug Cake

We’ve all been there, it’s late and you’re cravingchocolate cake. You don’t want to make one just for yourself. No time, too much trouble, plus youwant it right this very minute!  Here’s the answer:microwave chocolate mug cake. If you’ve ever beendisappointed with mug cakes, try this one. It’seasy, takes only 1 minute to cook, and it will […]

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