Cola Crock Pot Roast

When I’m in the mood for some  “meat and potatoes”  there’s nothing like  a good pot roast. This is such an easy crock pot recipe. Anyone in your family can  make this one. Perfect for a lazy day. It’s fast and slow. Fast prep and slow cook. You’ll have a very tender roast and lots […]

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

These pancakes are so light and fluffy.  It’s light eating a delicious cloud.  The creamy flavor will remind you of cheesecake.  The fresh blueberry compote is the perfect  topping to make these lovelies a special treat.   I had enough ricotta cheese leftover from  making lasagna earlier in the week to make  half the recipe. It was enough for the two  of […]

Hot Ham & Cheese Sliders

A great leftover Easter ham recipe!These are not your ordinary ham and cheese sandwiches.  Delicious ham and cheese on Hawaiian rolls  topped with a tasty mustard butter poppy sauce.  All hot and melty and yummy.  These have so much flavor!  Everybody loves them.  They are so easy to make and leftovers are just as delicious warmed the next day. […]

Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

Here’s a fabulous way to make your waffles  extra special.  Who doesn’t love strawberry shortcake?! These don’t take much effort and the presentation  is a WOW! They would also be great served as  dessert. You can make as much as you want.  Serve 2-12. Just increase the ingredients.            1. Macerate […]

Our best tricks for making outrageously delicious cupcakes for any occasion.