Cast Iron Splayed Roast Chicken

Just when you thought you didn’t need yet another
way to roast a chicken I give you this one. 
The reason I love it is because I can have
 a roast chicken for dinner in half the time. 
The skin is crispy all over and the inside is 
cooked evenly and juicy. Plus I get to use my
favorite pan, the cast iron skillet. 
Here we go. First put a 12″ cast iron pan in 
 the oven and turn it on to 425º to preheat. 
Rinse the chicken inside and out. This was
a Purdue roaster, about 4.5 pounds. Dry the 
outside all over with paper towel. Squeeze
a lemon over the outside and inside, then 
tuck the lemon wedges in the cavity. I 
also added a few herbs from my garden. 
Next, you need to splay the chicken. 
Cut through the skin where it attaches 
between the leg and the breast. Then 
break the bone so that the legs lay flat. 
Drizzle with olive oil and rub it over the skin.
Season generously with salt, pepper, and 
you choice of seasonings, I added ½ t 
paprika this time. 
 Carefully remove the preheated HOT skillet from
 the oven and put the chicken in the pan. You’ll
 hear a nice ssss! sear!
 This method allows the legs to cook
 evenly with the breast. Put it back in 
the oven for 45 minutes. You can prep it 
however you like, just be sure to use oil
all over the outside and season. 
Remove from the oven and press down on the
 lemon to release any juice, then tilt the bird
 so all the juices in the cavity go into the pan. 
Allow to rest for 10 minutes. 
Serve with pan juices.   
 Remember to save all the bones for chicken 
soup. I also had enough leftover chicken to 
make chicken salad this week. It’s 2 more 
 reasons why I love roast chicken for dinner. 


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