(Eat to Live) or (Live to Eat): Choy Kee HK Roasted

 Yesterday, Sun 23.may.21 is quick dash grocery buying day. 0830 – saw this notice board outside the entrance of de Market supermarket in Taman Desa. Only customers with “low risk” or “casual contact” status can enter the supermarket. Even before this supermarket opens at 8.30 am, there are about 10 customers queuing outside waiting to […]

Day 3 of 4 Days Food

Fri 21.may.21 11.30 am – Ate all the remaining half portion of Muk yee zhar yuk rice from Tue 18.may.21 by two pax.  11.46 am – I cleared off the tofu, omelette with otak otak in it, the remaining Mee jawa gravy from Sun 16.may.21 with vit instant noodles. 12.15 noon – when I was […]


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