Seared Scallops with Pan Sauce

This is a simple recipe for scallops that takes just a few minutes to prepare. Have the rest  of your dinner ready to serve and kept warm. The most important thing to know about searingscallops is to make sure they are completely dry.You may go through a lot of paper towels. Thendry again before searing. Also, make […]

Clean and Healthy Tilapia

Eating clean and healthy does not mean boring. This recipe really kicks it up a notch, both inflavor and with your metabolism. Cayenne, ginger,and mustard are ingredients that help you burn fat. Plus you get the health benefits of tilapia. Another nice thing is that it only takes 5 minutes to prep. Easy, easy!  I combine the […]

Tilapia Oreganata

Oven baked tilapia with a garlic-herb coating. It couldn’t get any easier. You can make any serving amount you want anddon’t really need to follow the recipe exactly.This quick and delicious recipe workswith any fish.    This uses just basic everyday ingredients forthe coating. Use as much garlic as you want.Strip the oregano leaves off the stems and […]

Garlic Butter Salmon in Parchment Packets

Here’s another great way to make salmon. These little salmon bundles are a nice presentation  for dinner. They make the most tender moist  salmon and then there’s the garlic butter. That’s should be enough to try them.  You can make just one for yourself, or make  two or twenty. Plus you can even prep them […]

One Ingredient Onion-Crusted Salmon

I should call thiseasiest-ever–one-ingredient salmon. Dinner couldn’t get any easier or faster! This recipe used just 1 ingredient, dry onion soup mix and produces spectacular results. I use the George Forman grill and it’s grilled to perfection in about 5 minutes.  This is a small drill so I do 2 pieces at a a time. […]

Lemon-Butter Baked Cod

I haven’t shared a cod recipe yet so I’mstarting with a favorite, very easy, and yummy one. Anything covered with lemon and butter is already going to be delicious.  This is such a simple little oven fish dinner.  It’s another quick one for your menu rotation.   Cod is a very mild firm white fish with large  flakes. It has just a […]

Oven Parmesan Crusted Fish

This is a different coating for fish. it’s all parmesan cheese, seasoning.   It’s easy and delicious.  I’m using catfish, but this recipe will work with tilapia or any fish. Mix up the coating in a pie dish. Cut your filets into somewhat even sizes if needed. Coat with the cheese mixture.  Press on coating on […]

Scampi-Style Salmon

Delicious oven roasted salmon under a blanket  of a garlicky herb crust.  If you love the flavors in shrimp scampi,  you’ll love this easy salmon version topped with    buttered breadcrumbs, parmesan, garlic, and  herbs. Plus, it cooks in about 10 minutes!  Combine your scampi flavored crumb mixture  by melting the butter in a small bowl […]

I Love Salmon!

It’s so good, so healthy, and so easy to make.  A nice dinner when you are short on time and too pooped to fuss.  So easy anyone can make it. This is my kind of fast-food dinner.  Season and roast it in a high temp oven.  It just takes 10-12 minutes in a 475º oven and it […]

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