Savory Baked Rice

Jazz up your rice side dish. This one is so easy  because you can do most of it ahead of time and then bake in the oven along with whatever else  you have in there. It’s especially good with grilled flank steak, pork chops, or pork tenderloin. I like it when we’re grillingmy favorite marinated […]

Basil Pesto

Fresh pesto is bursting with herby garlicky bold  flavors. Whenever my basil plant starts to get  “leggy” I give it a good trim. It encourages the  plant to get thicker, and it will make a  great pesto.  Strip the leaves from the stems.  Wash them  in cold water in the bowl of a salad spinner.  Rinse several times if needed until […]

Noodle Kugel

This is my favorite kugel recipe and it’s the  first one I was given by a friend over 30 years ago. Kugel is a sweet noodle casserole that’s  traditionally served at Jewish holidays. I make  it about once or twice a year when the calendar reminds me. It’s a different side dish that goes well with brisket […]

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