Addas/Sudanese Red Lentil Soup/Sudanese Addas

Soup, this dish have their own place in our daily meal once the weather starts too cold or rainy. We are in fall season and obviously the weather keeps on changing everyday drastically. Recently we had a super chilled morning with a super hot sunny evening. Yes you heard me rite, we dont even know […]

Priya’s Versatile Recipes: Gourassa/Gorraasa/Gurasa/Sudanese Flatbread

Sudan is a country in Northeast Africa with Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia,Chad, Red sea,Central African Republic as borders. Sudanese cuisine is a reflection of multicultural society, yes their cuisine is a mixture of Arabs, Africans, Indians, Greek and Turks who settles in Sudan. Hence they use spices from all over the world which makes their food […]


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