(Eat to Live) or (Live to Eat): After White Coffee Delivery

Today is Sunday 18.jul.21 Day 20 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday, we stayed home all day and ordered one food delivery.

10.28 am – nasi lemak pandan fried chicken with one whole hard boiled egg.

Ordered an extra portion of nasi lemak pandan to eat with the remaining beef rendang from De Wan restaurant bought on wed 7.jul, 10 days ago.

Deep fried cubes and small pieces of chicken breast meat. The paper bag is torn by me.

After White Coffee cafe’s logo is a coffee bean cup I believe.

Pandabox discount so total amount is MYR 25.99 only. After White Coffee cafe in Sri Petaling sells many different side dishes to go with nasi lemak such as curry mutton and kam heong chicken, just to name two.

Packaging. The iced classic kopi kaw kaw tastes as if it has some liquor in it, should be just liquor essence.

3.19 pm – ate the remaining nasi lemak pandan fried chicken as early dinner with an egg in pork soup.

Thu 15.jul.21 12 noon – bought nasi lemak Sepetang to eat with beef rendang from De Wan restaurant but still couldn’t eat all the rendang so have to order nasi lemak again on Sat 17.jul.21 and finally cleared all the beef rendang after being in the fridge for 10 days.

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