(Eat to Live) or (Live to Eat): Cherry Pie Delivery

Today is Wednesday 21.jul.21 Day 23 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we stayed at home the whole day and ordered 2 food deliveries via grabfood and 1 shop delivery via Foodpanda.

*** Friday 16.jul.21 ***

This cherry pie is the main reason for having a list for the pickup and delivery service. I was so tempted by this cherry pie that I ordered it and arranged for it to be picked up and delivered to me by a food courier service. Then I thought, might as well make it more worthwhile for the food courier service to add more pickups around that area as each additional stop will have additional fees so that was how the list was formed.

12.50 noon – after I cut a piece out and ate it. Look at the whole cherries in the filings. This pie has buttery crispy flaky puff pastry crusts.

12.43 noon – the piece that I cut out. I kept a quarter of the pie for myself and passed the three quarters pie to my friends through their gate.

12.40 noon – This photo was taken before I cut the pie.

It looks delicious and is quite heavy. The size is 25 cm in diameters.

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