(Eat to Live) or (Live to Eat): Yin Sourdough Delivery

Today is Saturday 17.jul.21 Day 19 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday, we had food from 4 eateries collected on our behalf and dropped off at our house. Then we shared the food with our friends by passing the food to them through their gate.

*** Sat 10.jul.21 ***

I mentioned here that Yin Sourdough doesn’t deliver to my area.  Last week, I checked again and it seems that they do deliver to my area now so I bought 3 loaves of sourdough bread and pastries.

Sat 10.jul.21 4.48 pm – a box of 5 pastries from Yin’s Sourdough Bakery.

4.47 pm – the box of pastries has a sticker on it that says “sealed for your peach of mind”.

4.44 pm – sourdough bread, kaya and almond spread. The sourdough bread loaves are tasty so we will buy them again.

Thu 15.jul.21 12.30 noon – the list of ingredients for the kaya and almond spread.

12.37 noon – the kaya is not the smooth type whereas the almond spread is. Authentic taste.

12.37 noon – natural nutty spread indeed.

11 items in total. Delivery fee is MYR 4 nett after deducting MYR 8 for buying above MYR 100 nett.

Sun 11.jul.21 5.21 pm – the two scones on the left are from the Front Room Kneady Baker. The one on the right is from Yin’s Sourdough Bakery.

5.42 pm – all 3 are crumbly and buttery. All three taste equally good.

5.23 pm – size comparison.

3.50 pm – curry puff pastry. Many layers and buttery.

Tue 13.jul.21 12 noon – donut croissant, taste like donut but with many layers.

12.10 noon – apple turnover puff with many buttery layers.

12.21 noon – raisin danish pastry with cinnamon taste. Buttery too. Will definitely buy sourdough bread from Yin’s Sourdough Bakery again.

*** Friday 16.jul.21 ***

These are the food from previous days that we ate and cleared yesterday.

8.39 am – breakfast:

Right: his pork Mee hoon from Sepetang coffee shop bought on Thursday.

Left: all remaining Guinness Iberico Ribs and gravy with instant noodles.

10.30 am – my brunch of pork meehoon he kept for me, Iberico ribs instant noodles , and some kimchi. So Guinness Iberico Ribs are cleared.

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