Gooey Texas Sheet Cake with Caramel

Gooey Texas Sheet Cake with Caramel

Day 122

I found a fairly incredible recipe for a soft-centered Texas sheet cake, prepared in mini cast iron skillets on the blog/website of The Cookie Rookie. You can read and see the original below. What a brilliant idea! In fact, I suspect I’ll be visiting this site frequently for good recipes, from now on. 

Since I don’t have mini cast iron skillets (but they’re on my gift list, now, for sure!), I decided to try the recipe with my shallow crème brulée ramekins, and I wanted to add caramel too.

Photo by Maggie Kapustin

So, once I had the batter in each ramekin, I cut three Hershey’s milk chocolate caramels (see picture below) in half and pushed them into the center, almost touching.  This was a risk since The Cookie Rookie’s cake was pretty much perfection, just as is. 

I then baked the cakes according to the original recipe, but since I had smaller, more shallow baking dishes, I checked each cake frequently. The idea is that you want the cake done around the edges and almost done in the center. The caramels DO change the consistency if you choose to move away from the original recipe, so you have to remove the pans from the oven whenever they have reached your preferred texture. 

Once out of the oven, follow the warm icing directions (warm icing = heaven) or simply top with your favorite ice cream. We tried it both ways and loved them. Coffee ice cream really adds that certain something, but vanilla is superb too!

I hope you’ll check out The Cookie Rookie’s story too; this is a blog so worth following! http://www.thecookierookie.com/about-us/ . I really enjoyed reading about how this blogger got her start. 

Here’s her recipe. You HAVE to try this. Today. 

And, here are the (optional!) caramels I used: 

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