Nutella Crêpes with Strawberries à la mode

Nutella Crêpes with Strawberries à la mode

Simple Pleasures Made Simply Delicious: Nutella Crêpes with Strawberries à la mode

Nutella Crêpes with Strawberries à la mode

Day 69

As promised, here’s the incredibly quick and ridiculously simply almost-homemade dessert I promised. If you’d like more of a truly homemade result, I’ve included a link for a crêpe recipe that is consistently good. It really does taste better to make your own, but I’ve included

Photo by Taylor Fowler

other directions for those of you who like elegant presentations and quick and tasty desserts. Allow yourself an additional hour of bake-ahead work, and homemade crêpes will not disappoint! 

Otherwise, you can buy packaged, ready to serve crêpes;  I like Melissa’s brand. Most grocery stores have something comparable. I found these at our local Harris Teeter. Even though we are most familiar with the chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella, I actually prefer a different brand. Before Nutella was all the rage in the snack world, it was less processed and tasted better. If I can find it these days, I prefer Justin’s or Nocciolata brand. That’s completely up to you, though. Enjoy!

Nutella Crêpes with Strawberries à la mode

1 package of 10 pre-made crêpes 
1¼ cups Nutella, Justin’s or Nocciolata chocolate hazelnut spread
2 pints vanilla bean ice cream (I prefer Talenti)
Caramel sauce             
30 Strawberries, quartered            

Spread 2 tbs. of chocolate hazelnut spread on each crêpe.  Fold each crepe and place one or two on a plate, seam side down. Warm each plate in microwave for 10-15 seconds. Top with two scoops of ice cream and 3 quartered strawberries. Drizzle with caramel sauce. Serve immediately. 

Reliable homemade crêpe recipe from Martha Stewart’s kitchen: 

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