One Ingredient Onion-Crusted Salmon

I should call this
easiest-everone-ingredient salmon.
Dinner couldn’t get any easier or faster!
This recipe used just 1 ingredient, dry onion
soup mix and produces spectacular results.
I use the George Forman grill and it’s grilled
to perfection in about 5 minutes.
 This is a small drill so I do 2 pieces at a a time.
 I rub it with a little olive oil.
Lightly crush the onion soup in the packet then 
sprinkle it evenly and pat it on both sides of the fish,
 Put it on the preheated grill and put the lid down.
The onion soup gives it all the seasoning you need.
 Since you’re grilling both sides at the same time
 it will only take about 4-5 minutes to cook.
Peak at the sides to see if it’s just a little
bit underdone in the middle. It will
continue to cook when removed from the grill.
 You can also pan grill it if you don’t have a grill.
 To serve, spritz it with lemon juice.
Tonight I served it with a baked potato
(in the microwave) and sautéed some fresh
spinach. A delicious dinner was ready in
less than 10 minutes. 
Can’t beat that! 
Onion-Crusted Salmon
Salmon, about 1 lb
dry onion soup mix
olive oil, lemon juice
Cut salmon into 3 -4 filets
Rub with olive oil.
Sprinkle both sides with dry onion 
soup mix, patting on to adhere,
Grill on preheated grill pan, close lid
for about 4-5 minutes until almost
done. Remove, spritz with lemon. 

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