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Today is Tuesday 13.jul.21 Day 15 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday, we stayed at home the whole day and ordered two food deliveries: one for his food and one for my food because we like to eat different types of food.

I stayed up the whole of Monday morning to watch Euro 2020 Final from 3 am onwards between England and Italy. Life seems to have returned to normal for everyone in the Wembley Stadium. Then I read this news report:

Back to food. I am going to talk about an exciting promo which will end on Thursday 15 July 2021. I stumbled upon it when using the app yesterday.


4.08 pm – Durians received by my mother. Fast and efficient service. I place the order at 3 pm and by 4 pm, my mother has received the durian.

2 pm – I saw this Giler Durian promo offering MYR 40 off for durians so I decided to use it to order some durian to be delivered directly to my mother.

This promo code is valid to be used 2 times per user and ends on 15 July so I am going to use it again today at 3 pm to buy some durian for myself to freeze and enjoy slowly.

Around 4 pm, I couldn’t launch the app because I think the online traffic is too heavy for this promo. Too many users buying food using the promo code. I only managed to access the app at 5 pm when the promo code has been fully redeemed for the day so need to be quick and order it at 3 pm. There are many durian sellers in the list and I randomly choose Sam Lee Enterprise without even knowing where the shop is because it sells D24 durian and I want to buy that.

This is the info of Sam Lee Enterprise on its profile page. It is located near Subang Airport I believe.

3.32 pm – Grab Express arranged by the Sama Sama Lokal app has picked up the durian with the above photo to prove it.

3.50 pm – The order has been delivered and placed outside the gate in a contactless delivery. 

The Delivery fee is only MYR 4.70 nett because MYR 10 has been deducted.  MYR 280.70 nett for about 1.6 kg of durian is quite a good price.

The exact weight of the durian plus the containers is as follows:

红肉 D168= 425g

金包 D13 = 385g 

XO D24= 455g + 462g

Msk D197 = 362g + 402g

We asked my mother to freeze the durian and eat one a day because durian has a lot of frustose, sucrose and glucose in it. Hope she enjoys eating them.

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