Simple Salmon Supper

The key to great salmon on the grill is not to
over-cook it. Take it off just before it’s
completely done. It will continue to cook with
 it’s residual heat and stay perfectly moist.
I’ll tell you how I make it and then you won’t
need a recipe in the future. Nothing to it really.
Just season the salmon piece with salt and pepper;
grill over a hot fire, flesh side down for about 4-5
minutes. Now you will be able to easily just lift off
 the skin on the top side; then brush the top with a
little of the butter and flip it over. Grill another
4-5 minutes. (depending on the thickness)
Remove to a platter and drizzle with the
Tabasco Butter Sauce.
Mix the sauce to your taste. I started with
about 1/2 stick butter, a good squirt of
lemon juice, about 1-2T, or use half a lemon,
A few shots of hot sauce, maybe 1-2 t.
Taste as you go the first time to give it
just the right flavor boost. 
Grill the asparagus along with the salmon for the
last 3-5 minutes. 
Super Simple So Scrumptious Salmon Supper!

Tabasco Butter Sauce
lemon juice


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