SS20 Fish Head Noodle Delivery 2

Today is Monday 19.jul.21 Day 21 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday, we went to Lucky Alley to pick up takeaway food after placing our orders via Foodpanda.

*** Friday 16.jul.21 ***

We used to eat fish Mee hoon at SS20 Fish Head Noodle eatery back in year 2014 and 2015. On Friday I was arranging for multiple pickups from that area, I thought of this eatery and included it in the list.

12.24 noon – 4 slices of fried Haruan aka Sang Yu fish fillets with Mee hoon in non milk soup. Shared by two pax.

12.20 noon – the fish meehoon is in a tub cardboard container and the soup is in a plastic bag.

12.34 noon – 3 slices non fried and 3 slices fried Haruan fish with yin choy vege, no noodles. I ordered a 3rd item of 4 slices non fried and 4 slices fried Haruan fish in soup, no noodles, no vege. Shared half with my friends.

11.02 am – fish noodle has been picked up.

Please click on the above menu and 3 photos below to view a larger image. I ordered FB1.

Ordered SVB and SBO. Total costs: MYR 61.50 nett not inclusive of delivery.

I have not tried this fish porridge before.

I didn’t order any drink. If they have included cendol and tofufa in their takeaway menu, I would have ordered those two items too.

To order, please get their hp number to Wapp them from fb:

*** Sunday 18.jul.21 ***

— Lucky Alley Food Pick-up —

9.44 am – Kai see hor fun aka shredded chicken noodles breakfast shares by two pax from Lucky Alley.

Pick up order for our usual duck rice. They only started to prepare the order after I shown them this pickup screen.

This order is better in the sense that they are ready for me when I reached there to pick them up.

— Ho Family Kitchen Chicken Curry Puff —

Went to the mini Mart nearby to buy green gardenia wholemeal bread so walked to Ho Family Kitchen eatery to buy snacks and pastries. Bought two siew baos, 1 kaya puff, 1 kaya planta puff, 1 curry chicken puff and 1 chicken puff. 6 items cost MYR 12.80 nett. Paid using QR code.

I didn’t realise that the curry chicken puff is so big when I bought it.

Only realize that it is big when I got home.

Flaky many layered puff pastry, very crispy and crunchy but where is the curry chicken fillings? I couldn’t see the fillings but I could taste them, just a bit spicy. Not buttery so they must be using some other alternatives to Butter such as margarine or vegetable oil.

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