The Best Hot Chocolate!

 Think Johnny Depp in Chocolat. 
This is real Columbian hot chocolate made  
 the traditional way in an aluminum pitcher,
called a chocolaterawith real
 Columbian Corona chocolate.
It’s made on the stove top using a very 
special wooden whisk. 
 A molinillo  is a traditional turned wooden whisk

 used in Columbia and Mexico in the preparation
 of hot beverages. The molinillo is held between 
the palms and rotated by rubbing the palms together.
 This rotation creates a froth in the drink. 
You can find the pitcher and the chocolate at 
Walmart, but the molinillo is harder to find.
The ratio is: 1 chocolate log to 1 C milk.
Use whatever milk you like, but whole milk
will give it a smoother and richer taste.
The secret is whisking. 
The magic is letting it come to a foamy boil 3 times. 
Now you know how to make authentic
 Columbian hot chocolate.

4 C milk
4 logs Corona chocolate
pinch salt
Combine in a aluminum pitcher
Whisk over medium heat until the 
chocolate melts. Let it come to boil
and rise to a foam. Remove from heat
until it subsides. Return to the heat and 
while whisking let is rise to a foamy
boil again, remove from heat briefly to
let the foam subside. Repeat once more,
for a total of 3 times. Whisk vigorously
to foam and pour into 4 cups.
serves 4 


*you could use a regular whisk
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