The Best Way To Freeze Ground Beef

Whenever I buy a large amount of ground beef
on sale at Fresh Market or Costco/Sams I divide
it up when I get home into 1 pound portions.
That’s usually the amount I use for most recipes.

I use a small scale to weigh out 1 lb portions.

 I weight them right in quart size freezer bags.

Then I smosh the hamburger flat with my
fingers. This also pushes out the air.
Keep the hamburger away from the zip closure.
I fold that part over until done to keep it
clean. Then zip shut.
The key is to freeze it flat. Why you ask?
Because it takes up much less room in the
 freezer, and thaws quickly!

I try to freeze everything flat and just
stack them up. It thaws in  no time
this way. Even faster if you put it in a
 bowl of cold water; less than 30  minutes.

Of course while I’m at it I also like to
press a stack of hamburger patties. Those
are so handy to have on hand for a quick dinner. 

 I use my Tupperware hamburger press.

 I also date my 1lb bags and keep a
 running list of meals that are in the freezer
 in my notes app. on my iphone. It helps me keep
track of the freezer inventory and the month
it was added. It’s so easy to add to the list
and delete what I’ve used. Big help. 
Both methods save time and save space
in my freezer.
Hope it works for you too. Now cook the
best ground beef by checking out
my previous post.
The Best Way To Cook Ground Beef

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